Outdoor Regeneration and Enjoyment

Extensive possibilities of retreat and relaxation for each member of your tourist party in the garden and on the terraces (to the South and West) as well as on the balconies in the top floor. Trees, roses, hedges and flowers all around the villa.

Ground Floor

Generous terrace to the South with lawn for sunbathing from outside the property for the most part invisible enclosed with a hedge of box-tree, garden table with inlays of tesseras, 6 high-grade and ergonomic iron chairs with seat and back bolsters, a lounge seats for 4 guests (couch for two, 2 armchairs, table with glass top).
Terrace to the West with lawn for sunbathing and 2 deckchairs.
Garden barbecue grill fuled with wood or charcoal (wood and charcoal provided).

Top Floor

Extra large balcony to the South with railing of elegant balustrades as well as 2 smaller and secluded balconies to the West and East. From each of the 4 bedrooms in the top floor there are accessible directly 1 to 2 balconies. All balconies are furnished with 2 deckhairs.


In the basement of the building, optically and acoustically detached from the vacation villa by a separate entrance at the East of the property, there is located the reception of the vacation villa or rather an office of the owner which is occoupied occasionally on workdays and which of course is available to the guests for each kind of questions. From the entrance as well as from the kitchen you enjoy a great view to the wonderful garden of the basement.